The Psychodynamics of Work and Organisations

3 Spring Conversations for leaders in organisations interested in gaining a deeper understanding of organisational life

‘Managing Vulnerability’ Tim Dartington - Friday 4th March, 2011, 10am - 4pm

‘Social Dreaming at Work’ Gordon Lawrence - Friday 20th May, 2011, 10am - 4pm

‘Men & Women Working Together’ Jude Bowles & Dave O’Brien - Friday 16th September, 2011, 10am - 4pm

The workshops are offered to help participants to develop creative ways of coming to grips with current difficult realities.  Leading the conversations will be four highly recognised practitioners in the field of social and organisational thinking and practice.

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Dr. Tim Dartington - Managing Vulnerability - the underlying dynamics of systems of care

Karnac Publications have recently published "Managing Vulnerability" by Dr Dartington.

Tim Dartington explores the dynamics of care. He argues that we know how to do it, but somehow we seem to keep getting it wrong. Tim describes research over 40 years in thinking why institutional and community care are both subject to processes of denial and fear of dependency. He asks why there has been such splitting between health and social care and what underlying purpose this split may have in societal response to vulnerability and long-term depenedency.

Men and Women working together - the psychodynamics of gender differences in organisation settings

Jude Bowles and David O'Brien are Directors of Group Analytic Practice

What are the unconscious factors at play that help and hinder men and women working together in pursuit of organisational tasks? How can a systems psychodynamic orientation used in everyday work situations lead to a more fruitful collaboration? Jude Bowles and Dave O'Brien have worked over a number of years with men and women in a variety of co-working contexts. Their focus is to promote a gender mindfulness between men and women in working together.

Gordon Lawrence Social Dreaming @ Work - A method of working with dreams shared and associated to within a gathering of people

Karnac Publications have published ‘Social Dreaming @ Work’

What Lawrence has discovered and rediscovered in the social dreaming matrix is another context or contexts for dreaming, in which the emotional experience on which our capacity for dreaming, for entertaining dream thoughts, is not that of a pair but that of the many; group, society, tribe, collective, race, species. Within this or these contacts, the meaning of the dream and dreaming spread out to capture and formulate echoes-of-the-thoughts-that-are-there, in the space between the ‘many-in-mind’.


The conversations are run on three days: 4th March 2011, 20th May 2011 and 16th September 2011.

The fee for each conversation is €80.00 per session, or €200.00 for all three. Payable in advance.

For more information, download the brochure or contact Valerie Preston (Workshop Administrator.)