Two Day Workshop on Small Group Dynamics: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, May 2011

The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with a small group experience in which they can explore and develop their capacity to work effectively with the underlying issues in management team functioning.

Participants will have an opportunity to examine the roles they have been given in organisations and those that they find themselves taking up; what happens to them in their role and what happens to their authority and leadership.

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The workshop activities draw on Tavistock Group Relations and Group Analysis concepts, including theories of the unconscious.


0900 - 0915 Introductory plenary session
0930 - 1030 Large group
1100 - 1215 Small study group
1230 - 1345 Small study group
1445 - 1545 Role review group
1600 - 1630 Theory
1645 - 1800 Application Group
0900 - 1015 Small study group
1045 - 1200 Small study group
1215 - 1315 Role review group
1415 - 1500 Large group
1505 - 1525 Plenary
1545 - 1700 Application Group


The Workshop runs over two days and places are limited to 18 participants


  • 4 Small Study Groups - To explore the behaviour of the group as it is happening in the here and now

  • 2 Role Review Groups - participants explore the roles they have taken up in small study groups and large groups

  • 2 Application Groups - to apply the learning from the here and now experience to their back home work environments

  • Theory session - presentation of relevant psychodynamic theory

  • Large Group - to experience and explore interpersonal relations in the setting of the whole workshop membership

The workshop is non-residential.

Teas, coffee, biscuits, and fruit will be provided at the breaks

The fee for the workshop is €300 payable in advance.
A limited number of bursaries are available.

Participants are required to attend the full programme


Staff: Jude Bowles, Gerry French, Dave O'Brien, Bernie McDonnell, and Valerie Preston.

For more information, download the brochure or contact Valerie Preston (Workshop Administrator.)