Today’s professionals find themselves increasingly under pressure in work environments that appear ever changing and increasingly complex and demanding.

Attempting to manage oneself, one’s role and one’s work relationships, as well as accomplishing the task effectively, can be difficult and stressful and can lead to feelings of isolation, confusion and even panic.

The work discussion group is a confidential place where three or four members from different organizations can discuss work issues and ways of managing work roles and work practice. Members learn to deal more effectively with the anxieties and stresses inherent in work situations today.

The group is monthly and is run by an organizational development consultant whose role is to organize the meetings, keep the group to task and to encourage people to reflect on their work environment, roles, goals and relationships.

Work Discussion Groups encourage members to examine their performance, identify where they most need support and guidance and what they can change in order to maintain and improve standards, efficiency and health.

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