Group Analysis is applied in a variety of settings, including organizational, management and work role development.

It can assist organizations and executive role holders:

  • to create and develop more effective and healthier working environments

  • to identify and resolve issues and practices which undermine productive functioning

  • and contribute to organizational development in a complex and constantly changing world of work

GAP provides a number of services to support organizations and workers in their work.

Work Role Development provides an opportunity for an individual to meet with a group analyst to tease out some of the stresses and difficulties inherent in managing staff and client groups.

The sessions can be held individually or in a group setting and are usually monthly. This provides a space for exploration of the dynamics in the work place and an opportunity to identify ways to improve relationships, reduce stress and enhance effectiveness.

As with Work Discussion Groups, Work Role Development is a place where professionals can examine their performance and identify ways to maintain and improve standards of effectiveness, communication, relating and role satisfaction.

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